Sick of serving drinks or working in a coffee shop? Want to throw axes for a living?

Urban Axes Austin is looking for Axeperts to lead group events at our facility in East Austin. If you're interested in an awesome job at Austin’s coolest new indoor recreation venue, read on...

Indoor competitive axe throwing has become a recreational and cultural juggernaut in Canada. Think darts but bigger and more satisfying. Our goals are simple: connect people in a casual social setting, build a culture around the sport of urban axe throwing and inspire a sense of community in a fun and safe environment.

About Urban Axes Austin:

Urban Axes was founded in 2015 by a group of Australian and American friends who were inspired by the passion and popularity of axe throwing throughout the neighborhoods of Toronto, where thousands of people have experienced the thrill of throwing hatchets at one of the over a dozen facilities there.

Urban Axes Austin hosts both league play and group or private events - including birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding parties, fun nights out, corporate team building and similar functions. Events are fully staffed in a private throwing area, with participants receiving individual coaching and target practice.

Urban Axes is looking to hire a staff of fun-loving, responsible Axeperts – and THERE IS NO EXPERIENCE AT AXE THROWING NECESSARY OR EXPECTED on the part of applicants!!! If you have any hospitality, entertaining or teaching experience, and/or your voice carries and you're outgoing, you are probably a good candidate and will be taught how to properly throw and train guests at our facility.

Role Description:

The Axepert's role is to share Urban Axes' passion for axe throwing by facilitating and ensuring that each and every customer walks away having had a ridiculously fun, safe and unforgettable experience. Demands will vary, with the position encompassing all facets of customer interaction from the moment they arrive until they depart our facility.

Specific duties include:

  1. Safety: make certain that all procedures, equipment needs and safety protocols are met without compromise.
  2. Coaching: train customers in proper throwing techniques so they learn how to throw well enough to have a positive and memorable experience.
  3. Mastering the sport: ensure the facility, lanes and equipment are always event-ready and the sessions are flowing smoothly, from tournament set-up to scoring games and more.
  4. Day-to-Day Operations: support the entire Urban Axes team to get the job done, including merchandise sales, set-up/clean-up, etc. as needed.
  5. Ambassadorship: be the face of Urban Axes and represent our brand and passion for the sport of axe throwing in a fun and professional manner.

The ideal candidate:

  1. IS A PEOPLE PERSON; has excellent communications skills, speaks clearly and concisely, genuinely likes being around people and has a good sense of humor.
  2. IS A LEADER; is confident to take charge in group settings and can manage group dynamics effectively.
  3. IS ENTHUSIASTIC; conveys a strong interest in teaching and sharing this new sport with guests and peers.
  4. IS A TEAM PLAYER; excels in a team environment, encourages a sense of culture, community and inclusiveness for all guests and staff.
  5. TAKES INITIATIVE; doesn't wait for something to happen or to be asked to do something; anticipates problems before they occur.
  6. HAS SOME EXPERIENCE working in entertainment, hospitality and/or recreation management (it's a plus anyway).

Axperts will be paid a very competitive hourly wage. If interested, please email your resume to